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Things that annoy me

Life is made up of many beautiful things, but also other little things that annoy me. This list is far from complete, but it will already give you a good overview of what insupports me. Language shortcuts Explain to me what is the point of using “2k17” instead of 2017? To the limit, for 2k9 […]

Curious and passionate poet

Hello. I am Fabien Charrasse, french poet and amateur photographer.

This blog is the collection on which I deposit my poems. Being curious and passionate, I tried other forms of writing. This is why you will also be able to read quotes, articles related to poetry, thinking, narratives and more varied texts.

In parallel with writing, I also appreciate photography and more anecdotally, video.

Each of its articles is left to your discretion and I encourage you to let me know through the comments. You will also be able to leave me a link to your site or blog, which I will visit with pleasure.

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Each of these creations was realized between December 2006 and today.

Poetry settles between the comfort of the shadow and the fear of light.

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Who am I ?

Let me
introduce myself

I am interested in art in general, but it is mainly writing and photography that I am passionate about. I use poetry as a way to transcribe my feelings and photography to capture a moment of life and transcribe it in the exact way with which I perceive it. I also try other forms of art that you will find in the blog section [...]